Friday, November 13, 2015

Gift card (or cash) purse card

Today's creation comes by way of Jackie Topa's blog (Addicted to Stamping) and video, seen here.

This is simple to make. Jackie's directions are great and I appreciate that she explains why she scored one area before cutting, and how cutting both the DSP (double sided or designer paper) and white card stocks a certain way provides usable pieces for tags and card backgrounds. I won't repeat her directions here, I can't improve on anything. I will just say that it all begins with a 6" x 8" piece of paper for the body of the purse, and a few pieces of 2" wide white paper for the purse flap and inside greeting area. A cutter and scoring board make this super easy, but this could be accomplished without specialized tools.

These two cards are going to friends as a thank you. One card will include cash as reimbursement for an item a friend ordered. Both friends will have their greetings printed on a Post-It note so that they can reuse these cards if they wish.

The paper seen here is from Stampin' Up. I think a purse body out of solid red with a white flap and perhaps some dimensional snow or frosty glitter would be cute as a Christmas gift card holder. Maybe a tiny ornament, snowflake, or paper holly under the brad that holds the flap in place? Oh wait...I've got it! A strip of black at the bottom of the white flap and a square belt buckle under the brad: Santa's belt!

Friday, November 6, 2015

November Art Journal

I might need to hum that song from Disney's "Frozen" as I don't seem to loosen up all that well on projects like this, but I do see improvement.

Part of the lesson dealt with transferring the quote from a laser printer's image (ink jet will not work) to the page. Practice will improve my technique but I liked that. 

The rectangle of blue/aqua and the colors on the leaves are Izink colors. I love them. The leaves weren't completely dry when I was ready to leave the class last night so I gently sandwiched them between two sheets of newsprint weight paper. Carrying that, two tote bags and my purse to the car proved to be an unwise move. A gust of wind came up and I was chasing these leaves around the parking lot among Mother Nature's leaves that were blowing around. 

Ever look at an item so often in stores that you can't remember if you own it or not? I thought I had a stamp of nondescript writing at home. That stamp and a grayish ink pad were going to be used in the border when I have grunge done with black Staz-on ink.  This isn't a matter of right vs wrong, it just isn't how the class sample was done.