Thursday, May 19, 2016

A note to my grandson

Tag between two people isn't usually much fun unless it is between one grandparent and one grandchild. If you haven't played tag with a young child (my grandson is six) recently, you may have forgotten how creative they can be with rules that bend in their favor. Rules are made on the fly as you close in on the younger set. Unfortunately it seems that the older generation isn't supposed to make up rules in this manner.

As we played tag in a nearly empty parking lot last weekend, he was pleased that he tagged me last before being buckled into his car seat and led off by his chauffeur, also known as Mamma. Later that afternoon and evening, family and friends gathered at his house to celebrate his sister's first birthday. As my husband (Papa) and I were leaving, I asked our grandson to stand still on the landing by the back door as we left after getting good bye kisses. When I was an arm's length away from him, I tapped him on the shoulder and ran to the car, yelling "Tag! Gotcha!"

Yesterday I made this card and mailed it to him, lest he forget our standing in this duel:

Stamps are from My Favorite Things Biotic Bots stamp set, colored with Tombow markers. Kids enjoy getting their own mail. It is worth the price of a stamp to imagine the smile this will cause.

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