Friday, September 16, 2016

Some of us should not use super glue....

New posts have been scarce here due to LBC (life beyond crafts) getting in the way. I'm still coloring, knitting, cutting and yes, gluing.

I rarely spill anything on myself or my work area. I don't have paint spattered clothes. I don't have nail polish stained carpets. My sister-in-law marvels that my paperback books never look like they've been read as the spines never have creases. Oh yeah....this is me....the Princess of Pristine Perfection. Until super glue is involved.

My husband is making a gorgeous doll house that he thinks is for our grand daughter. Actually, everyone in the family but me thinks it is for her but I'm a greedy Princess of Pristine Perfection. She is still too young to play with this so it is staying here for a while once it is done. Hubby is nearing completion on his end of things. I have to paint the foundation to resemble a rock wall (as opposed to cement blocks) but my task before this was to glue two small door knobs and their plates to both sides of the entrance door.

Uh oh.

First off, what glue to use to adhere metal to wood? The consensus was some form of super glue. I bought a package of small tubes of this. Has anyone used super glue and successfully sealed it for use on another day more than a week away?

I have the door knobs on and drying, clipped to the door with spring clothes pins. I don't think I got the glue on my hands during application, it more likely happened when aligning things and a bit of glue squeezed out the would-be keyholes. My right middle finger, index finger and both thumbs have a bit of super glue on them. This is no surprise. I think I can look at an unopened package and get glue on myself.

Oh we suffer for our art, but it could be worse according to this cartoon. Yikes!

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Amy Shulke said...


By the way, you can sand superglue off your finger tips, knuckles, and forearms with an emery board. Don't get too zealous or you'll take off skin too. I'm not saying how I know this...