Friday, March 17, 2017

An unexpected break in crafting

Sometimes life throws curve balls and since I'm not good at catching them, I spend a lot of time running after them to pick them up. In an attempt to keep my private life actually private, that is all I'm saying for now. For those who know me personally and read here, I'll be back eventually, both here and wherever you expect to see me locally.

One thing I will share is that we recently had all of our rooms in our house painted. This had been planned for quite a while and the process began before the balls began bouncing haphazardly. We have a long time friend who is a house painter. Bless his heart, he worked with us and around a crazy schedule.

My husband can paint, but that doesn't mean he excels at it and it certainly doesn't mean he enjoys it. We don't often do BIG things such as expensive vacations or frequently remodel. The Travel Channel and HGTV would never be interested in filming us. Our 20th anniversary was the first time I convinced hubby that we should celebrate by having our friend paint the house for us. He was still hesitant at first, thinking that this should be one of "his duties" as husband and dad. After it was done, this was the best idea "HE" ever had. I really don't mind as the job was done well and was a stress-free event for both of us. Our friend has painted for us twice since then.

Our home faces north and we have a covered porch across the full front of the house. The living room has long been yellow which is a cheery color for me, and always looked good, even on gloomy winter days. I could have been happy repeating the yellow but hubby wanted a change. I looked at shades of blue. Our sons who have their own homes and don't really have a vote still had opinions to share. (Who raised them?) They thought I had too much blue going on. Back to paint samples. Not just because of the boys' opinions, I was secretly harboring the same thought.

The living room is now a light shade of aqua. Depending on the light in the room, the hue flips from being more blue than green to the opposite. This was totally unintentional but it pleases me. I was out of the house the entire time the living room was being painted and came home that evening, wondering if I was going to be disappointed to have the cheery yellow gone. This color spoke one word to me: Serene. I'm not always like this, attributing emotions to wall colors even though I do know that color affect us. The walls being serene are wonderful. I don't have a photo of this color that does it justice and I doubt this is important to anyone but me. I'm just happy to be happy with my color choices.

The biggest changes are having a green room (I'm not a "green" person) in the formerly beige family room; a red office that was previously peach and a craft room that is a wonderful shade of turquoise.
The green looks gray in this light, very misleading, but is a good
backdrop for the doll house that hubby built.
Hubby's side of the office
My side. Notice you can't see the mess on my desk surface?
If only the counter could stay this clear! I hope to make a valance
with shades of deep pink, white and turquoise.
I had to keep yellow somewhere. The windowless bathroom
is a color called Rubber Ducky.
I hope to have a colorful post soon about something I've made. I'm still in the process of deciding what goes back on walls and shelves and what should be donated or just plain trashed. There is nothing like moving almost everything you own as you prep for painting to make you realize you've been hanging on to many things too long. 

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