Monday, June 30, 2014

Who loves subtle glitter?

Is subtle glitter an oxymoron? I don't think so. I think I am subtle. And often glittery. And sometimes delusional, but we won't go there.
I learned the techniques for this card by watching a YouTube tutorial from a store called Scrapbooking Made Simple. If anyone has trouble finding the link and would like more info, please leave a comment.  I will explain the basics of what I used and how I created this card.

The floral design began with a piece of plain white cardstock. The silver lines that remind me of stained glass are all one outline sticker, this one is from Starform. Before we get to the sticker, the first step was applying double sided adhesive tape to the white paper. The tape that I like to use is Sookwang Scor-Tape. I believe it comes in 8 different widths. It may seem expensive, but each roll is 27 yards and it really is good stuff. It is permanent, not at all repositionable.
I cut a piece of tape to cover an area slightly longer and wider than the sticker image and adhered it to the white card stock. I removed the protective cover and applied the sticker on top of the tape. Next step was to apply very fine glitter to the sticky area. I used Silk Microfine Glitter by Elizabeth Craft Designs in color #639 Warm Diamond. Once the glitter was on the tape, I rubbed the area with my finger to slightly burnish or polish everything. This really sets the glitter into place and makes it shine a bit more. 
This angle shows the glitter better than the straight on photo. Between the quality of the tape and the fine (tiny) quality of the glitter, this isn't an image that leaves a lap full of glitter when the recipient takes the card out of the envelope. I did use a clean make up brush to remove excess glitter to be recycled back into its jar. 
Coloring the roses and leaves was done with Zig brand Memory System Brushables, which are pigment markers. I love my Copic markers but don't use them on everything. I was careful to dab the color onto the glitter, rather than stroke or scrub it on. A little stroking wouldn't have harmed the brush (or the Copic's nib) but frequent or heavy handed use on top of the glitter would affect any type of maker.  
The single rose went inside the card. The backgrounds were cut after I was done coloring and matted onto green paper for some contrast before going onto a white card.  

Here is another version done the same way using a black outline sticker from Elizabeth Craft Designs. 
These were quick and easy cards to put together. A sheet of stickers from either company will produce three cards. 

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