Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's with the glasses in my photo?

Are you wondering what is with my glasses in my current photo over there on the right side -->
No, I don't always look like that, only on special occasions. We attended a very special occasion earlier this year, the birthday party of our grandson Mr Wonderful.

The theme for Mr Wonderful's party was Super Heroes and we were encouraged to dress up. "Yay!" said Gigi. "Oh no!" said Papa. I would have been willing to create a plus size, AARP card carrying Wonder Woman and similar male counterpart costumes but for some reason, Papa said no. Papa is a good sport though, especially when kids are involved so we became....drum roll please..... Super Gigi and Super Papa!

Explanation of Minion head follows at the end of this post.
With my ultra-serious outlook in life, I often refer to us as Super Papa and Super Gigi so our character names were not a problem. I knew Mr Knitty would not want to wear something cumbersome so an elongated bib that buttoned behind the neck seemed like the way to go. The material used was leftover felt from a playhouse project. The letters and objects were done freehand and appliqued by sewing machine. 

Super Papa has a TV remote and a couch as his Super Hero logos. This doesn't mean he is a couch potato, it has to do with Mr Wonderful's distinction as to which couch in this house is Papa's and also which remote is his. 

Super Gigi's logo is a ball of yarn and knitting needles. I have too many hobbies to fit them all in but since knitting is a constant and what Mr Wonderful sees me working on most often, it was a natural choice. The bling is because....well....just because!

Once you've blinged up an adult felt bib, your eyeglasses cannot go unadorned. Sparkly red scrapbook paper was cut to fit over my frames with cat's eye shaping added. Or are they 1959 Buick fins? (Not that I remember a car that old ) The tiara was in the dollar bin at a craft store.

* Now for that explanation: Not everyone wants their photo online for the world to see. Hubby is like that so when I don't crop him out of a photo for this blog, I will obscure his face with a Minion. Am I implying he is my minion? Not out loud, I'm not!  I really do love the Minions though, so I thought this was a good choice as I love Mr Knitty very much. 

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