Thursday, April 23, 2015

Knitted "Top This" Hat

Who knits winter hats in April? I do because we still have flakes falling. Grrrrr!

Truthfully, I made this in a few hours the other night because I wanted a fun, quick project and this filled that criteria.
The yarn, cute little topper and directions are sold as a kit from DMC called Top This. The pattern offers two sizes, toddler and adult small. I doubt this pattern would fit my big ole head and for that my husband is undoubtedly happy.

The toddler size is knit on 60 stitches using a circular needle. There are 10 rows of ribbing in this size, 15 of stockinette and then you decrease 6 stitches per round until 6 stitches remain. This was done while watching TV.
I used the yarn from the outside of the ball rather than finding the end in the pull out center. If I had started with that end, I would have had a solid color ribbing and the variegated yarn would most likely have been the middle section. When you look at the link of other styles available, you'll see how some look like mine, others will be banded as I just described.

This link is actually for WEBS, I chose it because it shows all of the kits for this hat:  Top This link

The topper, in my case the flower, is securely attached to two ribbons that you thread to the finished had and tie inside the crown. Included in the kit is a firm piece of foam with two holes in it, like a button. The ribbons go through the holes and then are tied. That piece of foam gives the topper a solid place to sit rather than flopping around on the hat.
I think the pink and white version with the bunny is calling my name.

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