Thursday, April 9, 2015

McBirthday Fries

Another birthday in the family, another young man (age 10) will receive money from us. If you follow me here, you know I am not content to stick cash or a check in a card. Without further ado, here is my version of McBirthday Fries.
I used Stampin' Up's Fry Box die to create the box. I know it isn't in proportion to the length of the dollar bills, but I don't think the birthday boy will mind. The Happy Birthday is from a Martha Stewart punch with part of the design element cut away. The "Mc" is supposed to look like the corporate golden arch. That was done freehand.

I ironed the cash, folded each bill in half, and half again, pressing each time. There is some crinkled up scrap paper in the bottom of the box to help keep the bills standing up inside the bag.
I saved a bag just for this gift. Here is a tip if you don't want to make the fry box yourself: The fast food establishments will very likely give you an unused fry box if you ask. You could ask for the super size box and the scale would be better for your dollar bills.
I folded the top of the bag down, punched two holes through both thicknesses, ran a ribbon through and tied it. This was possibly the quickest gift wrapping I've ever done!
The inside of the card was printed from the computer with a font I found on Pinterest.
I think I smiled the whole time I assembled the cheeseburger on the front of the card. It was made with scraps of paper and Stampin' Up punches (large oval, 1 3/4" scallop circle and 2 1/2" circle) but you could certainly cut this without punches or templates.

I but two ovals for the bun, one for the burger and one for the tomato. A square became the cheese and the scallop punch created the lettuce. The large punch made the plate. A handheld punch cut the small circle sesame seeds.
I used small stamp pads to add some shading to the edges of these components.
I'm sure the birthday boy will like his fries, but I have to say that cheeseburger still has me smiling. Maybe I'm hungry? 

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