Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baby Bonnet

In the previous post I wrote about an heirloom style baby quilt that was made years ago at a Martha Pullen school. I also made a baby bonnet during those three days of classes but it wasn't ironed when I wrote that post. A little spray starch and quick touch up with the iron and it is as pretty now as it was 20 years ago. 
I went to the Martha Pullen school three times in the 90's with a different focus of techniques each time I went. I think of one year as the year of buttons because of all of the pewter and hand painted ceramic buttons I bought. The year of sewing baby items was my year of lace.

There isn't lace shaping in this bonnet but I did learn that and learned that typical lace won't work. Without boring those who don't know what I'm talking about, the lace needed has a thread along the edge that you can be pulled to gently gather and thus shape the lace. It is finer and just plain beautiful. Comparing the lace that is sometimes on sale at 3 yards for a dollar is like comparing the store's brand of Oreo-like cookie to an exquisite pastry. The inexpensive has its place, but it doesn't knock your socks off the way the pastry or French lace can. 

Knowing that this lace can be difficult to find near me in Michigan, I bought quite a few selections while in Alabama that year. A small bag, the type you might get when you buy a few greeting cards, had $100+ of lace and Swiss insertion in it. Swiss insertion is the embroidered strip with rose buds on this bonnet. 

I've told my sweet daughter-in-law that I know these items might be too fussy for her taste, but they are hers and her daughter's now and all I want is one photo of our Princess with these items. 
The Princess, just a few days old
Do you believe in kismet? When I took the quilt, sweaters and bonnet over to their house yesterday, my daughter-in-law showed me the gown that she wore when she was christened. The jacket and bonnet are missing. Out of my bag came the white sweater and bonnet. Kismet!

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