Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Socks, art, manicures and accomplishments

First, another pair of socks. Will Michigan ever be warm enough for sandals? Today looks hopeful. Here is my latest pair off the needles, just a basic sock pattern done with some fun, hard working yarn. Why is the yarn hard working? It did all the patterning for me.
While on hiatus from the monthly art classes that I have loved (the previous shop is no longer hosting so the instructor is looking for a new location), I am taking an online class called Doodle Art and Lettering. I'm only a few lessons into this, too soon to say yay or nay, but this lesson was fun. It is about attitude and freeing yourself, thinking like a second grader who knows a few skills but isn't intimidated by criticism yet.
I might learn to love art journaling after all!

Manicures.....oy!  Back when I was dating and first married, my nails were nearly always done. Priorities changed and keeping them trimmed was the best I could hope for during the next segment of my life. Acrylic nails hit the scene and while I didn't jump on that early, I did ride that band wagon for three years. My nails were never bad (weak or broken), I just loved having polish actually stay on! When I gave that up, it took a year to get my nails back to normal.

Two weeks ago I had a gel manicure, my first. I didn't like that the polish began so far from my cuticles but was told that this had to be to prevent lifting. I didn't think my sister-in-law's manicure looked like this (different salon) but she wasn't there to compare and maybe the bold color made this more noticeable. The polish should have lasted 2-3 weeks.  On day 8 the chipping began. How did this happen? Getting dressed!

The technician did offer to repair the chipped nails (top photo) but I was not happy with how any of it looked and paid the soak off fee to have this removed. A few days ago I bought Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel and applied two coats of color and two of top coat as shown in the bottom photo.
What looks like smudges on my fingers in the bottom photo is from markers used in the art lesson, not polish. So far, so good, but it has only been a few days. I don't use my nails as pry bars or screwdrivers, but I don't exactly baby my hands and never wear protective gloves. The Sally Hansen product doesn't require a heat lamp to set and should come off as easily as other common polish. If I get 7-10 days without chipping on this, I will be happy. Polish is under $8 per bottle versus $30 for a manicure before tip and $6 for a soak off.

Last but certainly not least, what is the accomplishment mentioned in the title? I have been going to Weight Watchers for one year and am currently down 69.2 pounds. I don't think it would be wrong to say I'm proud of this, but more than pride, I am just so happy!! Click here to see my Then and Now photos.

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