Monday, September 21, 2015

Consider the Source or say 'Stop'?

Most of this appears on my weight loss blog, here. It has been on my mind so much, it merits posting on both blogs.

Normally the opinions of others don't bother me too much. I can't say that I'm completely immune, but I know WHO I am and how far I've come, both in regards to weight and many other areas of my life. If a person calls me ugly, fat, stupid, etc., I am more apt to wonder what is going on with them that prompted that outburst than worried that I am any of those things.

Sometimes the person has no idea what you have experienced and what they said struck a nerve that they never intended to strike. I am not so thin skinned that I personalize all comments and opinions. I grew up hearing "consider the source" and this usually carries me through.

As someone who has always done arts and crafts, I've heard more times than I can count "you have too much time on your hands".  Really? Someone is monitoring my time and making a judgement? My father's words about being better than others when it comes to rudeness is the only thing that prevented me from telling one woman (a frequent repeater of that phrase) that she could get a few things done too if she got out of the bars a few nights per week.

I may not speak retaliatory slurs but I do think them. Usually I can let it go after that.

We all have people that we must continue to work with or around. Relatives, neighbors and co-workers can't be avoided forever. I do not like confrontations but sometimes enough is enough. At what point do you hold out your hand and say STOP?

Many things have popped up on Facebook or been encountered on Pinterest that seem to be speaking directly to me on this. If you stepped on my toe once, I'd assume it was an accident. If you didn't apologize, I would think you hadn't noticed. If you repeatedly did this, I'd say something before you bruised or broke my toe. That is where I am, it is time to say something. If speaking up ends what is left of a relationship, it will be a parting long overdue.

These first four graphics are what I feel and what I smile about before I can get to the last three.

And finally....Bingo!

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