Saturday, October 3, 2015

Copic Markers & Prismacolor Pencils

Wow, September really flew for me, how about you?

The month was full of birthdays and anniversaries, including my own. It also signaled the start of my grandson's public school education and my return to elective classes, mostly through Vanilla Arts. I've been doing instructor Amy's online classes for three months and live classes just resumed this month at Remember When? Scrapbooking <--that link is for the store's Facebook page. If it doesn't open for you but you live within driving distance of Macomb, Michigan, you should visit Shannon's store.  (Location here)

The following works of art are all results of classes with Amy. The first one is from her live Copic Club. As my labels states, this was colored with Copic markers and fine details were added with Prismacolor pencils. Copic Club is a monthly class, good for everyone from a beginner to seasoned Copic colorist.

This was also done in a live class, The Art of Coloring, also held monthly. This series is for those who have a knowledge of how to use the markers and pencils. One of the main lessons in coloring this flag was about shading. The red stripes and the blue background behind the stars have a base color of Copic, but this is mostly colored pencil work.

Another live, monthly class is Art Journaling. The pages below have gesso, three shades of Izink colors, water, a paint marker, and a few cutout embellishments: the bird, the leaves, the word Autumn and the quote.

And the final share today is the online class for the month through Patreon. The image is offered for free for a month (this one no longer available as it is now October) on the Vanilla Arts site, but for a small fee through Patreon, you get step by step lessons on how to color it all. 

I love glass and never imagined I would be able to color it and have it resemble glass. Since showing this work to Amy, I've been given a few pointers on how to improve my work but haven't had the chance to do that yet. Perhaps another blog post soon will show the difference. 

Looking like a bottle of ink already

Some reflection on the glass

Base colors in Copics of the Hydrangea

Stem and leaves done

Close up of the petals before colored pencil details

Close up of a leaf after pencil work

 The finished piece....or almost finished as I plan to do a little more work on it

I do not gain anything by promoting Vanilla Arts or Remember When? Scrapbooking.  I simply love what I am doing and know that when I read about things that interest me, I'm happy to hear the how and where things are created.

Even if you are no where near Macomb, MI and don't see yourself participating in online classes, I hope this post shows you what Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils are capable of doing.

Go forth and color your world!

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