Monday, January 18, 2016

Copic and Prismacolor Penguin

Isn't this girl (or maybe guy flaunting that hibiscus?) cute? I certainly relate to the sentiment, especially on a day where the outside temp has a below zero wind chill!

The penguin stamp is My Favorite Things, Penguins in Paradise. Coloring was accomplished with Copic Markers, Prismacolor Pencils, and a white Gelly Roll pen. This was done in a live class with Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts, taught at Remember When Scrapbooking (Facebook Page) or check here Remember When Scrapbooking (web page).

Amy also teaches monthly classes through an online source, Patreon. See her web page for information on that. 

I've been using Copics for a while now. What did I learn in this lesson? What color(s) to use as a base below the darks and how to shade the whites of the penguin's body. While there would be nothing wrong with coloring the body simply black and white to make a cute card, you have to admit this is more interesting. I won't say realistic for those of you who question a penguin wearing a flower and an inner tube, but that is what the coloring really is, more realistic. Once you learn this, it barely takes any more time to color this way than straight application of one color. 

The colors and techniques in the oval behind the penguin make me so happy. Most of the coloring is Copic Markers but what a bit of Prismacolor pencil adds is amazing!

Another part of this particular class was balancing the number of colors used in a pleasing way. Some things we know instinctively when dressing ourselves or decorating a room but when we have an image to color....ack!!!...what do we do?

I am not a shill for Amy's classes or Shannon's store. I mention them because it is what I know and encourage nearby friends to investigate. I cannot share specific information on colors and techniques here because they aren't mine to share. To do so would shortchange the instructor and also myself as I paid for this class.

If you are inspired by this image but not interested in taking online classes, look for instructors near you or online who teach more than the basic Copic blends of three sequential colors. Adding a pencil or gelly roll after the Copic part is done can enhance what you've done. You can always color the monthly freebie at Vanilla Arts and watch Amy's speed coloring video of the image, seen here.

Whatever you do, Happy Coloring!

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