Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflections of 2016

2016 was a pain in the drain for many people but some have made it worse than it needed to be, at least in my opinion. Don't borrow trouble. It will find you when you least expect it.

What have I learned and done in 2016?

Don't pay so much attention to media, any of it. The sky didn't fall yet, Chicken Little. Despite the recaps of every bad and sad thing that happened, there was plenty of good in each of our personal lives. Heaven forbid you forgot some big ache that occurred back in April. Are we supposed to be happy that TV, Facebook or some other source will remind us of that pain?
Distance yourself from those who bring you down. If you must do business with these people, keep it professional but don't take their negativity home with you. I'm all for trying to get along with everyone, but YOU are more important than their outlook of gloom. There is no need to attack them unless self-defense becomes necessary. Those who exude negativity and those who are bullies about their beliefs and choices in all matters aren't likely to change because you ask nicely. Smile and do your own thing. Your blood pressure will thank you. Don't borrow their trouble. If it becomes real, it will find you and you will deal with it with energy that hasn't been wasted on "what if" thoughts.
Do what makes you happy. If I only kept my nose to a grindstone, my face would be a bloody mess. Instead, I've knitted since the age of 11 or 12 (despite negative old lady comments), I've made art my whole life (despite criticism from those who should have been encouraging, such as other self-proclaimed artists), I've read hundreds of books (delaying bedtime and sometimes while cooking), and I've always found a reason to laugh (or groan as I do enjoy puns).
I have faced trials this year that I would not have chosen for anyone. How did I tackle this? I took a deep breath, then did it one bite at a time.
I reminded myself every day that what I think matters. Even deep, worrisome thoughts need to be held where light and goodness can shine on them. If you're old enough to understand a reference to Pollyanna , I'm not her but I had the doll. 😉

Be kind to yourself.  You teach others how to treat you. Also, treat others as you would like to be treated. A kind word or just a smile from you might be the only pleasant thing they encounter on a given day.
Be awesome. And fun. And wear red, it is energizing!
Some of my favorite memories and favorite people in photos from 2016. Many special people aren't included out of respect for their privacy concerns. 
My favorite younger man
It is good to be queen!
Reading a story on my iPad. Best part is snuggling!
Only one of us is really a B****
Serenity, a view off our deck
This girl....she might become my partner in crime!
Really Gigi? Yes, really. 
I worked hard to lose a lot of weight, just so I could dress like this!
A favorite relative and I met Jeanne Robertson before her performance in October.
Two of my loves
And two more loves. The pup is Daisy. I don't think she'll mind being identified. 

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