Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another gift of money

I give cash gifts to my great-niece and great-nephews, but never just money or a check inside a card. I hope to never run out of inspiration (thank you Pinterest!) but it is getting to be a challenge to not repeat earlier presentations. This was for my great-niece's 15th birthday. 

I wish I had taken more care with the photos and had taken step by step pictures but this blog is really for me to catalog what I've done. If someone is reading here, you can find instructions on creating flowers out of paper money online. Each flower used 3 bills. The folds were not complicated and used floral wire to hold them together and create a stem. I had all the supplies on hand and did not to visit a craft store for anything. What a shock!

The picture above really is a bad photo and I doubt it will inspire anyone but here it is anyway. I ran a thread through pink pompoms and wrapped them around the floral wire to create a more colorful bouquet. I didn't like how the wire stems looked in the clear vase (a tiny thing) so I cut strips of two shades of green tissue paper to act as leaf-like filler. The pink gingham bow is done with wired ribbon.

The card Happy Birthday was cut with a Sizzix die (#661830) available through sites that sell Sizzix dies or at The Stamps of Life. This die is a Stephanie Barnard design. 

After cutting this out of the pink card stock, I cut it again with the green and cut every other letter out to layer on top of the pink greeting. After placing it on the blue card stock, I thought it still needed something so I used a white gel pen to add asterisks randomly. The inside greeting, not shown, used the same colors as the front. 

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