Sunday, June 11, 2017

Updating my craft room clock

Long ago, I painted the face of a very inexpensive clock that had baseball stitching on it to look like this:

I wrote about this on my previous blog,  here.  The clock still works just fine and fits the space perfectly. The room that this hangs in is less of a sewing room now, more of a mixed media room.

The color of the room is a deeper shade of turquoise now. Not only am I accustomed to looking at this spot to see what time it is, the clock is covering an outlet for a 220-volt line that hasn't been used in years.

After removing the buttons which were applied with hot glue, I sanded the surface but admit my sanding job was far from perfect. The clock was such an inexpensive piece of plastic, I didn't think it would hold up to vigorous sanding. If this didn't work, it wasn't going to cost me anything but my time.

I painted the face of the clock white but the rough spots were evident where some of the buttons did not remove easily. I used a product called Whipped Spackle and a few stencils to create my new clock.

The room is predominantly turquoise but has deep pink (sometimes hot pink) accents along with white and black (and all other colors if you count the supplies that are everywhere), so white, turquoise, pink and a bit of black were the colors I wanted to use.

In hindsight, I wish I had added more flowers to the face but I didn't have the window valance yet (hot pink and white stripes) and wasn't sure at this point how much pink I wanted to use. The gold on the stars and the turquoise on the bokeh effect circles were painted with Heidi Swapp Metallic Texture Paste. I used my finger to smear some on those raised images and cleaned them up with a fine paintbrush. The pink flowers were done with acrylic paint that I had on hand, and have white added to them because I felt like it. 

There was still too much white to suit me so I began dipping the end of the paintbrush handle into paints and added clusters of three dots to the background. The flower centers are black paint with gold dots on and around them.

The edge of the clock, not seen here, is black. I used a broad tip Sharpie Marker for that. The way the clock hangs, I don't think the edge is noticeable but I wanted the edge to look finished. The black dots where numerals would be are blobs of Nuvo Crystal Drops. I like Nuvo because the drops remain dimensional, they don't spread and flatten out. The reason I added the dots is that my grandchildren aren't used to clocks without reference points. They don't spend a lot of time in my craft room but the grandgirlie is only two and that may change.

I've really gotten my $2 worth out of that clock. I'm happy with this rendition.  The wooden rack in the picture below was designed to hold teacups. I'm not a big tea drinker, but I do have beautiful teacups that were my mom's and my mother-in-law's. Back in my days of smocking and belonging to a group that both smocked and did heirloom sewing, the teacups were used more often than in recent years. The cups are elsewhere now and this rack wasn't going to back in the living room but I wasn't ready to part with it. What could I do with it?


This rack now stores ink pads stored by color family. No more digging through a drawer to find the one I'm looking for or discovering one I forgot I owned.

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