Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fireworks, fish, family and friends

The Fourth of July weekend consisted of four big F's: Fireworks, fish, family and friends.

Most of my family was together at the cottage for four days of fun. I guess fun should have made this five F's. Professionally staged fireworks could be seen on the horizon from various city and boat club celebrations and there were many private displays that hopefully were handled carefully.

Mr Wonderful (my grandson) was in attendance with those people he calls Momma and Daddy, aka my beautiful daughter-in-law and #1 son. *Note: If #2 son reads this, the numbers refer to birth order, nothing else, so unruffle your feathers.* Neighbors of theirs weren't far from us at their family's cottage so visiting back and forth was fun for the parent generation as well as the kiddie set. The friend's four year old and Mr Wonderful were growing tired one evening and as kids will often do, they both wanted the same toy, in this case Mr Wonderful's stuffed doggie. He cried because he thought his friend wasn't going to return his toy. She cried because she didn't want to return it. Mr Wonderful made an announcement. He told his momma that he wanted to go back to Mr Wonderful's cottage. Not the cottage or PapaGigi's cottage, Mr Wonderful's cottage. 

Just like that, the line of succession skipped both son #1 and son #2!  Papa took this in stride but perhaps #1 feels like Prince Charles and #2 feels like Prince Andrew or Prince Harry? I still feel like the Queen but am wondering why it falls on me to clean the thrones. 

By the way, PapaGigi run together is not a typo. If something isn't clearly Papa's or clearly mine, it is PapaGigi's. 

Mr Wonderful doesn't share the enthusiasm for dirt and slime that his daddy had at his age. He was willing to touch the fish (look closely, there is a small fish in his daddy's hand) after Gigi touched it. I didn't wince but I did wash my hands afterward.   (I can say/show that here!)

 See the lawn chair above? Do you remember when macrame cord on old lawn chair frames was the thing to do? Well, if you are/were craft crazy it was. There are still a few of these gems floating around but I finally ditched the last of the macrame cord one or two purges ago. Compared to the webbing that often frayed with use or pinched you if your fleshy parts protruded between the weave, the macrame chairs were comfortable. 

If you remember the macrame lawn chairs, you probably made macrame plant hangers long before the chairs, or at least remember them. Our house wasn't suited to those hangers but I had to make something out of that cord that I saw in every craft store back then. Never one to jump into a small project like a key fob first, I bought wire rings, brown cord and wooden beads to make something for our wall. I don't have a picture showcasing that but I do have a photo that was supposed to showcase my new outfit way back when. 

Back then you had to take your film to be developed and wait days, maybe a week, before seeing what the photos looked like. I still don't know if my husband didn't see the wall art behind me or if this was his idea of funny. I'd rather have a tiara than a headdress but this is what I got. 

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