Monday, July 28, 2014

How often do you declutter?

Hubby and I aren't hoarders, but he finds it hard to get rid of useful items and when it comes to craft supplies, I find myself thinking of the original intention of some of those purchases and thinking the item will still be made.

You know what? Most of that ain't happening. All that stuff was taking up precious room and was making me feel guilty. I have found someone who is going to take the excess fabric and yarn and most likely create wonderful items! Yay for her and a big yay for me!

I still have more than I probably need but it feels reasonable right now. I am making some changes in my life and this feels better than good, it feels GREAT! 

When I was in my 20s, I knew older women who had plastic slipcovers because they wanted to "save" their furniture. Remember the episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where Marie finally took off the slipcovers and no one was comfortable?

That episode still makes me laugh but should I pride myself in not being a Marie now that I am about her character's age? I don't have slipcovers but what about the blouse I save "for good" or the squeaky shoes that I haven't thrown out just in case my favorite sandals break? With my craft supplies, I hope to never again debate about using a particular paper, yarn, or fabric because that item is no longer available. I want to use it all and fun doing it! Something else always comes along, so why have I been holding on to what no longer works for me, figuratively if not literally?

I'm off to tackle another room. Contact me if you have some Tupperware without a lid or Gladware that is too good to throw out yet but have more lids than bottoms. I might have what you need in my "out" pile. 

I like this last graphic. If I add this to avoiding the news on TV, my mind should feel both rested and happy to the Nth degree again!


Sewconsult said...

We have too much! Our adult daughter (single) moved back with us last August, after losing her editting job in a local publishing house. She moved from a jammed 2 bedroom apt. Even though we told her that she would have to store most of her non-essential things, she brought more than I ever imagined. She took over 2 bedrooms (okay), but our dining room is still full of boxes. I can't tell you how it has affected me. Her storage unit is only about 3 miles away and she recently brought more home without taking anything TO the storage unit. At this point, I do well to make it thru the day with my hair attached.

Knitty said...

Hugs to you, Beckie.

I sent you an email.