Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A box for the Jacob's Ladder card

A few days ago I made a Jacob's Ladder card shown here.  I cut some photos to fit and added a few sentiments, included the stamped and embossed Happy Birthday on the cover. The stamp is from Stampin' Up's Age Awareness set. The embossing powder/glitter is Wow's Metallic Platinum. I love the Wow line of embossing glitter.
My challenge today was how to wrap or otherwise present this. I decided to make a one piece box. I don't know if there is a term for this style of box, but I think of it as a pizza box. 

The stacked ladder is 3.5" wide, 4.25" tall and roughly .75" deep. I drew a sketch of what the open pizza box would look like. From bottom to top, there was the front depth of box, the bottom, the back depth of box, the lid, and a flap at the front of the lid. I added a little room for ease to my measurements, making the width of the box without the sides 3 5/8", the height 4 3/8" and each side became 7/8".  The flap became 1/2" which was very convenient because the bottom, top, two depths of box and the flap came to 11", meaning I could do this out of one 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. I added 7/8" to the left and right sides of the 3 5/8" for a total of 5 3/8" wide. I cut the paper to that size and began scoring. 
Test box out of scrap paper
I decided to glam the black paper up a bit before creating the box. I did this before cutting and scoring, using a silver marker. 
Using the figures and doing a little math, I scored the 11" length of paper at 7/8", at 5 1/4", at 6 1/8", and at 10 1/2".  Rotating the paper so that the 5 3/8" was at the top of the score board, I scored each side 7/8" from the edge.

Which way you cut flaps along the score lines is up to you. You can see in the above photo that I cut the flaps to glue behind the front depth of the box and behind the flap. In this photo, the bottom is already glued, the top is not and that partially shows the tab. I cut the edges of the lid at both front and back on the sides because I thought it looked better.
Sometimes a project will give specific dimensions for everything, other times you'll need to wing it. I hope these instructions help you figure out how to make a box for your paper craft needs.
This is the closed box with a bit of metallic wired ribbon holding the lid closed. I had a lot of fun making both the Jacob's Ladder and this box.

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