Monday, August 10, 2015

What's up with all the green?

I don't really like green. I mean, green has its places, but my house doesn't have much green in it except for small amounts of seasonal decor, and my wardrobe has even less. Emeralds, peridot and marcasite don't count. When it comes to gem stones, all colors are wonderful!

The odd thing is that I'm suddenly drawn to green. My last skein of sock yarn, still waiting in line to be used, is green. The last sweater that I bought was green. And now I've made three cards, all with green in them. 

The first one was written about yesterday, seen here. I picked out the green pencils as if they were old friends. 

This note card began with a Stampin' Up "thanks" from Seasonally Scattered. I used silver ink and white embossing powder. The dotted border is from a random scrap and the card is lime green, much brighter and stronger than this photo shows.

My third card really doesn't have much green in it but the green is very bright. I love this card and will make it again with many other color combinations.

Once again, sorry about this looking hazy, but my other choice from photos taken today is this one which really washed out the lime green. 

To make this, I made a card out of black cardstock, then cut a single, smaller sheet of black. Using my Sizzix and the magnetic platform, I randomly placed dies from Stampin' Up's Little Numbers. In this case, I kept the 6 and 5 together because that is the age of the recipient. After punching out the numbers, I saved them for another project. The "holes" from the 4, 6, 8 and 0 were glued back into place to make the numbers look as they should.

Behind the 65, I attached a small piece of bright lime green paper, being careful that it didn't show in any of the other openings. This piece of black with the numbers is attached to the card with pop dots for dimension. 

The inside shows the true shade of green where it is used to mat the white paper where I will add a personal greeting to the stamped image. That image is from Stampin' Up's Bombs Away Birthday stamp set. 

I don't expect green to be a new trend with me, but it is fun to get out of even comfortable ruts once in a while. 

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