Saturday, February 20, 2016

Art Impressions Spinner Card

Another week, another birthday....

This past week was my husband's birthday. I bought the Art Impressions spinner stamp set titled Love Spinner with this event in mind.

I love the characters AI creates. I love the idea of this card. I am not thrilled with how it came together but I expect that will improve with practice. I don't tend to practice with cards, I jump in and expect a workable result right away.

Here are the two images, colored with Copic markers and a bit of multi-liner accents. Fussy cutting them is a bit of a nuisance but I thought I would touch up white edges after adhering them together with the spinner thread sandwiched in the middle.
Perhaps a finer cord (embroidery floss? Perle cotton?) would have been a better choice. This silver cord (a Stampin' Up product) had a curl to it as it came off the spool. I taped it down to my work surface and used a bit of Scotch tape to adhere one image to the cord. I used a tape runner on the back side of the second image and then tired to line them up. Ugh! It wasn't perfect by a long shot and I had bits of white showing, bits of tape runner exposed on edges and some misalignments had to be trimmed more that I liked.
The stamp set suggested an opening 3.5" wide for the area of this spinner. I must not have centered it as I had to cut a wider opening. I cut a matching frame of cardstock for the inside of the card so that the raw ends of the silver cord would be covered.
What will I do differently next time?  Work on placement (centering) of the spinning image along with a different method of adhering the images is foremost. I think I will try areas of Scor Tape, removing the backing a piece at a time. I'll definitely be checking out what over cardmakers have done. I also think I'd like the card base to be a tri-fold so that there would be a solid background behind the spinning couple when the card stands up.

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