Saturday, February 13, 2016

Small treat box

I try to always give credit to whatever source I used for each of my projects but occasionally I take notes rather than pin something on Pinterest or bookmarking a link. That was the case with this box. I don't know where I found the directions but in looking for it this afternoon, I see that there are many similar directions around. I'm sharing the dimensions that I used with apologies to whoever deserves the credit.

I made quite a few of these. Each box holds a foil wrapped Ghiradelli chocolate square.  
Here are the step by instructions.

Begin with sheet of paper 8.5" x 5". Score at 2", 4", 6" and 8", then rotate the paper to portrait orientation and score at 2" and 3".
Using Stampin' Up's Scalloped Tag Topper, you will punch the square closest to the 1/2" column, skip a square and punch once again.
The punch is not a perfect fit for the rectangle. You will have to eyeball it and center it. If you look closely, especially at the right of this photo, you will see one of the scored lines.
Once you've punched both panels, it will look like this.
This close up shows that you'll have some raggedy bits on the panels next to the punched out parts.
Cut down each score line from the long edges toward the 2" and 3" score lines. To clean up the ragged parts, use scissors to cut from each ragged hip to the score line. You could also just trim it straight from the top clean edge to the fold line. The rectangles you are cleaning up become the parts of the box that fold over your treats, under the scalloped tabs.  
On the 1/2" end, cut away the narrow rectangles leaving just a tab in the middle section.
I used Scor-Tape on the tab to hold the box together.
NOTE: Before assembling this box, I should have scored the scalloped tabs, explained below.

To form the bottom of the box, fold in one side, add adhesive to an adjacent panel, adhere that and repeat. 
Here we are at my Oops! part of the instruction.....I should have scored the scalloped tabs before this was formed into a box. It isn't impossible to score them as you see here, it is just easier when it is still flat. Score each tab at 1" 
Now that you are at this point, you are ready to add trim as the box construction is finished.
Cut a strip of design paper at 17/8 inch, then cut that strip into four pieces at 7/8" and two at 3/4".
The 3/4" pieces go on the top, the 7/8" pieces on the sides. If your design has a distinct direction to the pattern, you may want to pay attention to orientation when cutting your strip and again when placing the pieces on the box.

Use a ribbon to hold the tabs together and add further embellishments as desired. 

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