Saturday, March 12, 2016

Birthday cards

March madness continues. Not the basketball kind, the birthday kind. Some haven't been sent or handed to recipients yet but here are some that I can now post.

Sometimes the paper does all the work, as in this card with a Star Wars theme. I haven't seen the latest movie and wasn't sure if the character I used inside the card was a good guy or not. After researching this, he was, so I cut an opening where his face had been and stuck my grandson's image behind it.  

Star Wars is big everywhere, including on the Disney Cruise.
My grandson got two cards this year, one on his actual birthday (below) and the first one will given at his party tomorrow with extended family and school pals.  When I found the Star Wars scrapbook themed pages, I also bought stickers. I used most of the paper in pairs of scrapbook pages about the trip, but had more than enough left over to make more cards. 

This box card was the first time I used the box card die from The Stamps of Life.  I've been making this type of card for a while. They aren't difficult to make without the die but it sure does save time.I made the belly band to hold the flaps together. 
This is the back side of the box. The long white panel is where I later wrote his birthday greetings.
 Multiple views of the open box with stickers mounted on black paper.

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