Monday, June 27, 2016

Purse for a toddler

My granddaughter turned one in May and since she took her first real steps in a store (Target), I think it is time she had a purse, don't you?

I followed the basic directions given here but instead of lining my purse, I chose a fabric to make it reversible. After turning down the top edge of the solid pink bands on both fabrics, I sewed the strap ends inside one print, tucked the second bag inside as you would do with the lining, pinned the button loop in place and pinned the folded edges together all around the purse opening. Back stitching was done over the straps and button loop for durability, and the then two buttons were sewn to complete the bag.


I used fat quarters of fabric to make this with a little fusible interfacing to give it more body. The body of the bag began as 11" x 5" rectangles (two of each print) to give you an idea of the size. The only hand sewing was attaching the two buttons.

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