Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flock of flamingos box card

Oh Stephanie Barnard, you made me happy with these Stamps of Life products!

A good friend is fond of flamingos. I was going to fill the box with flamingos in many prints and shades of pink but this was for her anniversary, not a birthday. Two flamingos would do quite nicely.

These are the exterior embellishments, all Stamps of Life dies.  
I used a Wink of Stella pen in silver to highlight some of the details on the flowers and around the hearts. A rhinestone was added to the centers of the three larger flowers.
I traced one of the larger flamingos and freehanded some pink designs on the envelope. I was tempted to adhere a flamingo to the envelope but wasn't sure it would make it through the postal machines well. I traced rather than stamped the flamingo, both to make it a bit larger and to avoid the lumps of the seams of the envelope on the back side.
 I hope my recipient enjoyed the card as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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