Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cut calories while coloring

One of my favorite line of stamps is Art Impressions. I like everything they do, especially their Girlfriends and Golden Oldies collections. The six pictures here are going to be for my Weight Watcher leader. They may not be appropriate for corporate WW, but my leader has a sense of humor and I think she and the ladies who work the desk will chuckle over them.

I stamped the various images, scanned them, re-sized them and added captions in Word. These were printed on a Brother ink jet printer onto X-Press paper. Copic markers were used along with Sakura white, clear glaze and star glaze pens (star glaze on some of the jewelry, clear on eyeglass lenses and dishes) and silver and gold metallic pens for some of the jewelry.

This first image is from the stamp set called Yoga Yolanda #4209

Next is Madge #1549

Out to Lunch #3576

Selma & Gladys #4211

Gossip Club #1522

And the stamp that led me to this idea, The Weigh In Set #4049

I still like Crayola crayons, especially a brand new box of them looking all perfect and smelling wonderful, but boy howdy...I really, really love Copic markers!


maggiej said...

Excellent job coloring! I love Copics too!

Knitty said...