Friday, August 8, 2014

Miss FooFoo has new finery

As I went through my stash to gather fabric to donate, I found a bunny and carrot print that was purchased for a reason that has escaped me. Coincidentally, a rabbit that I made years ago was sitting on my craft room counter. I swear she was eyeing this print and said "that would make a lovely new dress for me you know".  Who am I to turn down a talking rabbit?

The rabbit is made from muslin. The pattern was from a magazine around 30 years ago. ( hurts to say that!) I should have taken her before picture. I could have sworn I had one but it seems to be lost with some of my marbles. Her original dress was blue with yellow flowers. Her pinafore with pockets to hold her three babies, swaddled in dress fabric, was yellow with blue flowers. Sun didn't seem to harm her the blue fabric or the muslin, but oh the yellow...yikes!

I had just made new curtains for a bathroom in a white on white print. The leftovers were perfect for Miss FooFoo's pinafore.

I managed to use up some trim and ribbon too, and that makes me happy. Mama and her baby bunnies can now go into the Easter decoration bin and rest for a few months. I was going to do this back in April but apparently motivation didn't strike until August. At least I got it done in an "A" month and before a new Easter rolled around.

Are you familiar with the story of Little Bunny FooFoo? If not, here are the words and an audio clip of the music for this silly little song.

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