Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gray haired Goldilocks

"Go look for new furniture for the sun room" Hubby said.
"Oh boy!" was my initial reply, to be followed by "%$#*!!!" later on.

This should have been a good thing, right?
Not if your sun room is small and you'd like a dining table without a hole in it for a patio umbrella. It would probably help if it wasn't the end of the season for these items in Michigan, but I'm not sure my size requirements and table without a hole are going to much easier to find in the spring.

We may end up scraping, sanding and repainting the existing table and chairs which will lead to recovering the seats once we find a settee and chair to replace the wicker that really has to go. More about this room at a later date but for now, my question is why is it so hard to find what I want?

We encountered this when we shopped for living room furniture two years ago. You wouldn't think comfort without massive arms and no floral or geometric upholstery would be so limiting. I'm beginning to look at new cars. None of the styles scream "Me! Buy me!" because they all look so similar. My criteria is more pep than my current car (I'm doing more expressway driving and need to get away from some people), a mirror mounted in such a way that it doesn't create a blind spot, heated leather seats and I want the car to be red. Not wine. Not cinnamon. I don't want to fall into a well as I get in. I don't want to need a step stool either. And what is with the wide door sills on some vehicles? Goodness gracious, I've become Goldilocks!

I don't think I am exceptionally picky but when you plan to live with something for a good while (furniture and cars) and are paying quite a bit for those items, you should be able to find something that meets a few simple requirements, don't you think?

Just like the middle bowl of porridge above, I have something that turned out just right, a pair of socks.  The pattern is Wendy Johnson's basic toe up sock, the stitch pattern is broken waterfall, and the yarn is Madelinetosh sock yarn in color #27, Paper.

They weren't difficult but I did take a long time completing them. I put them aside many times to work on other projects. I had one sock finished at a shorter length and decided on the second that I should use up more of the yarn and make the socks taller. Undoing the ribbed part of the finished sock shouldn't have been a problem but I made it one. I unraveled two complete pattern repeats (6 rows each) before I was satisfied with the stitches on my needles. I love them. I just don't want it to be cold enough to wear them.

Hmm, maybe since these turned out just right, I should wear them and go looking for patio furniture and a new car!

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