Monday, October 20, 2014

Earth and Sky Shawl

I have admired Stephen West's patterns for quite a while. I bought Earth and Sky recently, made it and love it.

From the Westknits website
I made the largest version of this pattern, roughly 24" from cast on edge to the point, and 70" wide. I probably could have blocked it wider but I ran out of room on my blocking tiles. I think more tiles will be on my Christmas wish list.

I used Trendsetter Yarns Merino VI in Ash (a discontinued color) and #100 White. The aqua-like shade is Frog Tree sport weight alpaca, color #98. I did re-pin and block this better than this photo shows, but managed to delete the good photo and save this one.

No one was around when I wanted a model or a photographer so my desk chair subbed. Funny how I didn't notice how cluttered the background would look as I took this photo. Turning the chair around and taking the shot from the other direction would not have worked because there was bright sunshine streaming in the window. I will never complain about sunshine, this shot will have to do.

The white and gray balls of merino wool were 50 gr/1.75 oz each, 136 yards. The aqua alpaca yarn was the same weight, 130 yards per ball. I used two balls each of the white and aqua, three of the gray. I had two yards of aqua leftover and not quite two yards of gray. There was slightly more of the white. While it was nice not to have a lot left over, I was sweating it on the gray and bottom border is two rows shorter than I had planned.

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