Saturday, October 25, 2014

Let them eat cake!

I think fondant cakes are beautiful, but they aren't something I've learned to do. With all the craft supplies that I do have, I am hesitant to venture into one more arena and run out of room, even if assured that fondant tools are bulky.

I used to enjoy cake decorating more. The time spent standing still gets to my legs after a while, and my hands ache after squeezing the decorating bag on some icings. I choose simpler projects now, and am not ashamed to use short cuts.

Today we have a neighborhood party, celebrating fall, good neighbors, good friends and three birthdays. This is a yellow cake with white icing. The letters are from a Wilton Sugar Sheet.

The centers of some of the letters had to be coaxed out with a toothpick but weren't difficult to use. I did rip the upper bar on one E but only needed one for this cake and three were provided. The price for this sheet was $3-something at Joann's. The letters are edible, but I wouldn't call them tasty. They aren't bad tasting though. 

This cake is double chocolate, or quadruple chocolate to be specific. The bones are white chocolate, made with a Wilton candy mold. The dirt is crushed Oreo cookies, minus the filling. 

As I look at these cakes as photographed, I think perhaps I should have made a smoother surface. That would have looked better here, but to be honest, I don't mind the homemade look as long as it all tastes good. I have taken a lot more care with previous cakes, but didn't think it was necessary for these two. 

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