Sunday, October 12, 2014

Time for an intervention? Stampin' Up Fry Box is addicting!

I ordered the Fry Box die from Stampin' Up. It arrived two days ago but I wasn't able to play with it until yesterday afternoon. I may need an intervention....I can't stop making these things!

I debated about this purchase. Would I really use it often? I don't know how often I've used it in less than 24 hours, but it has gotten a work out. There are more boxes made than these eight, but some are duplicates and a few haven't been photographed yet. 

The left one in the top photo and the two in the middle were the simplest designs, cut from leftover Halloween printed paper from a few years ago. The spider used punches for the body, eyes and layered background. The web was drawn with a multi-liner pen and the legs were hand cut. The fence and spider on the back of the box are Martha Stewart punches. 

The pumpkins used oval punches, a bit of shading and small leaf punch that isn't truly a pumpkin leaf, but anyone who criticizes isn't in the right frame of mind, right? Frankie is what started this all for me with this tutorial by Dawn Griffith: Click here

Oooh...gotta go....just had another idea!

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