Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a TALL birthday greeting

Shhh....don't tell my niece I've made her a giraffe card.

She is a lovely young woman (even when she isn't feeling so young because of a teenager in the house! ) who is tall, blond and has always liked giraffes.

Using  Stampin' Up punches, this is the card I made.
The card began with a 4.25" x 11" base (blue), scored at 2.75" and 5.5". The white paper was cut at 4" x 5.25" and two pieces at 4" x 2.5".
The giraffe body is 2" circle with .5" and .75" brown circles. I lightly shades the edges of yellow cardstock with a beige Tombow marker. I meant to shade things before assembly, but forgot and added the Tombow maker before adhering the giraffe to the card.
The neck is a strip of paper cut at .75" with she same size brown dots randomly attached, some going off the edge of the neck and body and trimmed after the glue was dry. The legs and tail are just narrow strips, hand cut. Hooves were two black .5" circles cut in half. The tail is from Boho Blossoms punch.
The head was done with an extra-large oval. The muzzle (snout?) was cut with a large oval. The ears, inner and outer are two different size petals from the Flower Medallion punch. That punch was used for his tongue. Yes, giraffe tongues are purple. Both parts of the eyes, the knobs on his horns and his nostrils are all from the Owl Builder punch. The yellow part of his horns were cut free hand. Smaller pieces were all adhered with Tombow glue, larger pieces with a tape runner.
A white pen added a highlight to his eyes and a bow was tied and added under his chin. The hardest part of this card was deciding what to use as a greeting. A simple "Happy Birthday" didn't seem like enough but most online searches for ideas were definitely kiddie card greetings. I googled for giraffe jokes, found this one, and it was perfect for the sense of humor my niece and I share.
"A giraffe walks into a bar and orders six martinis."

inside: "Shame on you for wanting a punchline! This giraffe needs help!"

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