Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An easy knitted cowl

Nothing like knitting a cowl in July....and thinking you might actually need to wear it NOW....

Ok, it isn't that cold here in SE Michigan, but it sure doesn't feel like July.

On a recent road trip with my sister-in-law, we went to a yarn store and bought some fun yarn from Stonehedge Fiber Mills. I've used mill end yarns before, but they were tied together and sometimes the knots fell in awkward places. With this yarn, there were no knots, it was beautifully woven together. The problem was which skein to buy. The picture below is from their website.
I picked out a skein that had some pink in it, but it turned out to have far less than I thought. That's okay though, especially for this simple project.

I like scarves and cowls that are reversible as the wrong side inevitably shows at some point while worn. This pattern is multiple of 10 stitches, knit in the round. How is that slant (spiral) achieved? You cast on an even multiple of your stitch pattern MINUS one stitch. In this case, the alternating knit and purl stretches are 10 stitches wide and 139 stitches were cast on. (14 times minus one stitch). An uneven number of multiple pattern repeats (13 or 15) would put two knit or two purl sections together in the round. 
Above photo has the pink cast off edge up, below the cast on black and white edge is near my face, probably the way I will wear it most often.
I would buy this yarn again, and will definitely use this pattern to use up my own odd lots. A bit of weaving in of the ends wouldn't be bad and I think I would like a longer version of this, possibly not as tall (wide). 

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