Thursday, July 16, 2015

Copic classes for everyone!

I've mentioned here before that I take classes in the use of Copic markers that go way beyond what Copic classes usually teach. I'm not knocking any of those classes but will say that a few that I attended before finding Amy were not instructive at all. The classes that I took with Amy were held in Port Huron, MI at a Mary Maxim store. The store has downsized drastically and we can no longer meet there. Did you hear that door close? Don't worry, two windows opened.

First of all, Amy now has online classes through her company Vanilla Arts. Anyone, no matter where you live, can take classes with her now! 

The second window to open will happen in September when she begins teaching classes at Remember When? Scrapbooking, a shop located at 21952  23 Mile Road in Macomb Township, MI. 586-598-1810.  I can't seem to link to their newsletter, but here is the information as written by Amy on classes that will be taught at Shannon's  (owner of Remember When? Scrapbooking) store:

First, a general overview of Copic Club

Casual coloring in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

This is a beginner level class... but you know me, I'm always willing to throw a challenge at those who have mastered the basics.

If you're just starting out with markers, want to improve your blending techniques, or simply want to chat as you color in a stress-free environment, this is the class for you!

Club classes are non-sequential! If you miss one class (or seventeen) you needn't worry that you've missed too much. Join in when you can.

All Club classes will work off a limited supply list that never changes:
  • 36 Copics
  • 12 Prismacolor Pencils
  • 2 White Pens
  • 3 Multiliners
  • Assorted novelty gel pens
  • 2 Memento Ink Pads
Stamp images will concentrate on lighthearted and versatile subjects with wide open coloring spaces.

Class Packs are changing from the Mary Maxim format.

Class + Pack = $15 per session

And now the overview of Art of Coloring

Challenges for Intermediate to Advanced Students
Art of Coloring classes are art based classes for experienced colorers looking to take their skills to the next level.

NOTE: because I want to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by the class pace, I'm requiring Copic Club as a prerequsite to taking Art of Coloring. You must have instructor permission to enroll in Art of Coloring.

Art of Coloring classes WILL NOT cover basic techniques.

Classes will use a very wide variety of supplies:
  • Copic Markers
  • Prismacolor Premier Pencils
  • assorted technical and novelty pens
  • waterbased media including ink pads and pencils
  • specialty inks, paints, or dyes
You must bring all supplies to class or have instructor approved substitutions. This includes Copic marker colors.

Images will be chosen for their technical challenge or their ability to be used in non-traditional manners.

Class Packs are changing from the Mary Maxim format.

Class + Pack = $23 per session

And now the classes:

Copic Club at Remember When

Thursday, Sept 17th
6pm - 8:30pm

Join us for a fun evening of Copic coloring and an introduction to our new home!

Learn or perfect:
  • blending technique
  • Amy's underpainting technique
  • basic floral theory
  • selecting color palettes
All Copic Club lessons work off the same basic supply kit.
Supply list will be emailed as soon as the kit contents have been finalized. Downloadable list will be available at or pick up a printed copy at Remember When.

Reserve your seat in class by stopping in at Remember When or call 586.598.1810

Art of Coloring at Remember When 

Thursday, Sept 24th
6pm - 8:30pm

By popular demand, I'm teaching what would have been the June lesson at our previous location.

This is a Prismacolor intensive image and will be sized for a 5x7 frame. It's not quite a full sheet digi stamp but there is a lot of acreage to color!

Instructor permission required to enroll. Classes capped at 15 seats.

Signup via the online shop at which will go live in August.

Downloadable supply list will be available at or pick up a printed copy at Remember When.

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