Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Birthday card & gift wrap for young teen girl

Ahhh....turning 13, thinking she is 18 and sometimes acting like she is 7.  The life of a young teen, right? She is a sweet young lady whose family birthday celebration is this weekend. I have been giving my great nieces and great nephews money but this time I knew of something she wanted and it is in the silver box. Wrapping a gift that size might cause her to guess the gift immediately so I've disguised it in ....I don't know what to call this! It is sort of a birdcage made of paper strips.

I began by choosing a circle for the base that was large enough to cover the gift box. 
I cut two bases and 16 strips of paper that were 1" wide and 5.5" long. I practiced with scrap paper first to be sure the strips would fit around the box the way I hoped they would. 
I glued eight strips to each circle as shown
Each end had a hole punched for the drawstring (chenille ribbon in this case) to go through. 
Oh look! Instant confetti!
To be sure that the two circles with these strips would hold together well, I used a stronger double sided tape on one of them, peeled off the paper to expose the sticky side and layered them, off-setting the strips. 
Ta-dah! Ok, not yet, but close. 
I ran the chenille ribbon through the holes, always coming from beneath.
After gently pulling and adjusting, I tied the ribbon into a bow. If this were red, I could picture adding a green leaf for a gift tag and calling it an apple, or maybe use orange for a pumpkin.
I added hearts for bling...just because. 
I think the birthday girl will be distracted by the unusual presentation and not guess the gift until she sees the box inside. 
Her card is a shaker card. The confetti didn't photograph well, it is multi-colored metallic paper. 

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