Sunday, October 18, 2015

A summer sweater, done in 48* weather

Last spring I kept seeing a sweater in ads in knitting magazines. The pattern was only offered in a book, not a single pattern download. I decided I had to have it anyway and tracked down a store 40 minutes from home that carried it. I could have saved myself money by having the store send it to me but traveling to the store with my sister-in-law (we were destined to be relatives!) was fun. Shopping and lunch ensued and all was good.

The particular yarn called for was not available, but Pediboo by Frog Tree was a good match when I did a sample gauge. The pattern that I fell in love with soon showed me that it wasn't going to become something I would actually wear. While not truly lacy, much of the front was too revealing and would have required a camisole. Would I want to wear a camisole under a sweater in the summer? Probably not. I followed the basic sweater pattern bus skipped their pattern directions and inserted my own.

It took me longer to knit than expected. The pattern wasn't difficult but not paying attention twice while knitting socially (a.k.a. talking too much!) resulted in ripping back a number of rows. Other projects impeded the completion of this and due to working on size 2 needles, progress was destined to be slow. I like how it turned out though. In fact, I LOVE it. 

The color is off in the photo below (indoor overhead lighting) but this photo shows the design well. 

This panel is 55 stitches wide so I figured out the center of the written pattern and used markers to figure out placement. The two foundation rows and 8 row repeat are spelled out below.

It was 48* when I left my knitting group this afternoon. I finished the sweater before I went, so technically the sweater was probably completed while the temp was around 40*F.  With luck, I will wear this at least once this week without it being hidden under a jacket, then it will be ready for me when I take a vacation to warmer weather in February.

And for the record, I did wear a camisole under this but not because of modesty. I was cold!

Stitch code:
C6F =  3 sts to Cable Needle (CN) held in front, K3, K3 from CN
C6B = 3 sts to CN held in back, K3, K3 from CN
T5F = 3 sts to CN held in front, P2, K3 from CN
T5B = 2 sts to CN held in back, K3, P2 from CN

Foundation row of pattern area (55 sts). These two rows prepare the area for the cable pattern.
Row 1: P4,  K6,  P2,  K1,  P2,  (K3,  P4,  K6,  P4,  K6,  P2),  P2,  K1,  P2,  K6,  P4
Row 2: K4,  P6,  K2,  P1,  K2,  (K2,  P6,  K4,  P6,  K4,  P3),  K2,  P1,  K2,  P6,  K4

Pattern Rows: (directions in parentheses are the crossed cables)

Row 1:  P4,  K6,  P2,  K1,  P2,  (K3,  P4,  C6F,  P4,  C6F,  P2),  P2,  K1,  P2,  K6,  P4

Row 2:  K4,  P6,  K2,  P1,  K2,  (K2,  P6,  K4,  P6,  K4,  P3),  K2,  P1,  K2,  P6,  K4

Row 3:  P4,  C6B,  P2,  K1, P2,  (T5F,  T5B,  T5F,  T5B,  T5F),  P2,  K1,  P2,  C6F,  P4

Row 4:  K4,  P6,  K2,  P1,  K2,  (P3,  K4,  P6,  K4,  P6,  K2),  K2,  P1,  K2,  P6,  K4

Row 5:  P4,  K6,  P2,  K1,  P2,  (P2,  C6B,  P4,  C6B,  P4,  K3),  P2,  K1,  P2,  K6,  P4

Row 6:  K4,  P6,  K2,  P1,  K2,  (P3,  K4,  P6,  K4,  P6,  K2),  K2,  P1,  K2,  P6,  K4

Row 7:  P4,  C6B,  P2,  K1, P2,  (T5B,  T5F,  T5B,  T5F,  T5B),  P2,  K1,  P2,  C6F,  P4

Row 8:  K4,  P6,  K2,  P1,  K2,  (K2,  P6,  K4,  P6,  K4,  P3),  K2,  P1,  K2,  P6,  K4

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