Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coloring on black

Recently, in a live class taught by Vanilla Arts instructor Amy, we colored this image with Prismacolor pencils.

The stars didn't originally have rhinestones and silver ink, I dropped something on this at home and my fix made things worse. Next time around coloring this, things will go better. Even with my oopses (in class and at home) this reaffirmed that I like coloring on black.

Another artist whose work I follow is Sandy Allnock. This post of hers led me to playing with Fine Tec Pearl Colors on Amy's image. This was my first time playing with these pigments. Shades of violet weren't in the kit I bought and I didn't attempt to mix shades before applying them to the paper. Sometimes I'm too stubborn for my own good. I wanted to play with this last night but something had irritated one eye to the point where it only felt okay if I kept it shut. That is my reason and excuse for not attempting to blend colors on a palette.

The Fine Tec paints look very similar in their tray which is not labelled. Here is a shot of the tray with the color names and samples below.  When 5 out of 12 colors so closely resemble each other dry, don't you think the tray should identify the colors?

They were fun to work with, but perhaps the technique used for the Prismacolor work (sky color radiating behind the moon) wasn't the best choice for this.

The pearl colors look like the moon is glowing like a fireball to me. Maybe its a meteor! 

Live and learn, and have fun coloring!

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