Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday was Easter. Because weather can be iffy in SE Michigan, my family (including myself as a child) has never hunted for eggs outside. The Easter Bunny likes to enter homes to warm up and has always hidden eggs and baskets indoors.

My grandson is 8, his sister is almost 3. The Bunny hides dyed eggs at their house and filled plastic ones here. The hunt here includes a list for each of them with clues to follow. His are written clues that he needs to think about, such as "If I had to wash the bow tie that I like to wear, where would I go to dry it?"  His sister's clues were all photos (sorry for the graininess of this image) that didn't show the hidden eggs but led her to where she would find them.
I should have gotten a video of that sweet little girl on the hunt. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with at Black Friday sales as an adult! She ran to a recognized spot, yelled "Got it!", grabbed the egg, looked at the next picture and zoom!....was running to the next location.

Their parents and their uncle (my other son) got boxes of  Nostalgic Candy and cupcakes with bunny toppers.

I used punches and dies to cut out the components of the bunny faces and ears. The brown boy bunnies got bow ties, the girl bunnies for my granddaughter and her mommy got a flower for their hair (or would that me 'hare'? 😉)

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