Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ghiradelli chocolate holder

Surely you don't give someone a Ghiradelli chocolate that isn't in some sort of presentation card...

That was sarcasm if you don't know me. I will accept chocolate in any way that the health department approves and possibly in a few questionable manners.

I found a cute way to give these candy squares to someone on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts. Dawn does a great job explaining how to make her creations in her blog and on her videos. While I will probably make some with the snowflakes that she used, I'm not ready to think about snow yet. I used paper that didn't thrill me to make this using the dimensions she provided. The mauve-ish paper doesn't coordinate with anything I have.
Please watch Dawn's video for full instructions, but in a nutshell, the paper that holds the chocolate square is cut at 8.5" by 3". One end has been cut with a scallop tag punch, but that is a design feature, not a necessity. The paper strip is then scored at 2.5", 2.75", 5.5" and 5.75" 

The band that holds this together is cut at 9.25" by 3/4" and is scored at 3", 3.25", 6.25" and 6.5". Embellishments inside and out are up to you. 

Here is what I made next with Halloween in mind. I have stamps that I will use for the interior greeting and also for cute characters that may appear inside and definitely on the outside on top of a paper that has a plainer background. This goofy little monster was cut with a 1 3/8" circle punch on top of a scalloped circle (1 3/4" punch)
The chocolate square just sits inside. When the band is around the closed holder, it won't fall out.
Here is the exterior view. The scallop tag should have been cut at the other end of the paper strip since this is a one way print rather than an overall design.  This doesn't really matter but I will watch for that the next time. I have no excuse why I have the first one set up the same way, other than to say I am consistent.
Is everyone who comes to my door on Halloween getting one of these? No. 
Will a few special people get them? You bet!

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