Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Storing Stuff

I try to stay organized so that I can find things. Things go along smoothly until my collection of stuff exceeds the storage space or system that I had in place. I went from a few rubber stamps on wood blocks years ago to a number of stamps of various compositions that shall remain uncounted. The same scenario holds true for knitting needles, tubes of watercolors, beading supplies....oh that I would just stick to one craft, right? That isn't about to happen.

On my earlier blog I wrote about Copic Marker storage here. My marker collection is still stored in that bin, but Copic now recommends that markers be stored horizontally so the case sets on its side. This isn't a problem, but did change where the case is stored. Such is my life...finding a place to keep things, then re-doing it all again. And again and again.
Storage case and dividers by Art Bin
Besides loving to create, I also love databases. Sick? No, just another way to create. When I get a class supply list or find a project on Pinterest that I want to make, it is much quicker for me to look in a database to see if I have Copic color B29 or a 32" circular size 4 knitting needle than it is to pull out the bin of markers or case that holds my needles.

I like to see how others organize and store their supplies. Sometimes I change my way of doing things, other times I am just in awe of their storage and work space. Today I am sharing how I keep track of and store stamps, dies and embossing folders.

I have quite a few cling dies. After trying various storage ideas that didn't suit me, I have been buying these EZ Mount storage panels from Amazon. I can't find them locally but never have to wait long for an Amazon order to arrive. A package of five is under $4 before shipping fees.
I store stamps on both sides of these panels and store them in a plastic storage bin with coordinating sheets of paper that show what stamps are on each page. Both the panel of stamps and the photo key go in plastic page protectors. I buy them by the box at office supply stores. Here is a photo index
And here is the panel that goes with the index.
I have many stamps by Art Impressions, so many in fact, I have one storage container for their stamps and one that holds all the other stamps and my embossing folders.

These bins are stacked beside a stack of drawers that hold most of the dies used with my Sizzix Big Shot. There are a few dies in packages too large for the bins. Those are on top of the drawers and next to them, on top of the box marked Envelope Maker. The tall bin on the right holds stickers that are sorted by not inventoried. I am not crazy enough to try to maintain an inventory of things that become depleted although that would be different if I were running a business.
The case with the copper colored handle is another Art Bin product specifically designed to hold magnetic dies. The panels that fit inside that case are magnets. I love that system! No more dies falling out and getting mixed up with something else. Many of my dies are nested in size which means many dies will fit in a small space. 

Now for my binder. The inside pocket on the left is holding two sheets of sturdy card stock with samples of my punches. I have the sizes and names of the punch listed next to the holes punched out image on the large sheets and the loose pieces labeled and in the ziplock bag. Sometimes I want to hold the "hole" over a sheet of paper to get an idea what the image will look like, other times the reverse is handy to use to see what kind of space an image is going to use up on a layout or to use as a mask. 
My list of Sizzix dies begins above on the right, nested dies are below.
Embossing folders are next
Some of many pages of Art Impressions stamps
Followed by all the other brands of stamps
And last but not least, the wooden stamps that began it all...
Perhaps I should now go make use of these items instead of rearranging them and writing about them.


very_inky_fingers said...

Oh my gosh! I have been trying to figure out some sort of baggie to store my EZ mount sheets on because some of my stamps seem to slip off. I never thought of plastic protection sheets. I must have 100 of them! Thank you!!!

Knitty said...

Glad I could help!