Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Odds and ends for the end of the month

I began fall and Halloween decorating last week. We have a full bath on the main floor. For many years it was our only bath, and we only had one floor. Seventeen years ago we remodeled, moving bedrooms upstairs and added another full bath. The tub in this photo has probably been used less than 10 times in those 17 years. It gets rinsed out when the bathroom is cleaned but doesn't need the scrubbing attention the upstairs that the other one requires.

I bought a spider web and spider, both heavy weight felt, at a craft store. I joined them by a strand of black yarn and decided to add the web to the shower curtain by way of one of the curtain's rings. I swear to you, the rings get washed when the curtain gets washed or changed, but I guess I can't remember the last time that happened....dust fell into the tub from the rings when I did this. Both bathrooms got a top to bottom scrubbing the following day.
If you're wondering what the circles are on the right, those are 5 round mirrors with red dotted ribbon running from hook to ceiling. I did that for Christmas and liked it so much, I left them that way. I normally don't use black towels in here, but I've added them and a black rug for Halloween.

The door needed a new wreath and the craft store had a sale PLUS...I had a birthday coupon to use! The square wire form appealed to me. The flowers and a few feathers are wired onto it. Once the glass is in the storm door, this will hang on the outside of the storm door. I plan to move the leaf on the left side and feather on the right so they don't create such a strong horizontal line. Other than that, I'm happy with it.
One of my nieces co-hosted a Painting with a Twist party this past weekend. Everyone brings wine and snacks (in my case, water, fruit and veggies as it was the night before a Weight Watcher weigh in), pays for the two hour session and paints a picture with acrylic paint.

To be honest, I am not thrilled with the subject but the event was fun and being among friends is always good. Here is my painting and then the group shot.

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