Friday, September 19, 2014

Not as fast as once upon a time

Once upon a time the whole house would be cleaned in one day and a room full of furniture would have been rearranged, possibly with an unsatisfactory result and the whole room would be returned to the original layout.

Now I find that we are creatures of habit and if the couch is moved, we might hurt ourselves by dropping onto where it once was and landing hard on the floor. It is better to leave the layout as is.

Once upon a time I would get on my bike and ride for miles.

Yesterday I got on my bike with fat tires and coaster brakes for the first time in years and was happy to make it around the block without injury.
Once upon a time I would start a creative project and stay up as late as it took to complete it.

Last night I was drawing something in a Zentangle fashion but had to call it quits before my eyes zentangled.
Once upon a time I would have found a way to use everything in my stash.

Now I hope to to live long enough to use most of it....provided I stop adding to it (as if that will happen!)...but have learned it is ok to let go. Didn't Disney teach us this with Frozen?  Yesterday the fabric and yarn that I sorted in July and determined was never going to come to anything by my hands went to a new home. Hopefully the recipient will be as happy receiving as I was ditching, er...donating. I meant to type donating this stuff.
I am about to return to work on my Zenish-tangled drawings which may or may not become note cards. I have a few errands to run first and hubby is out of the house. Have no fear though, since I've slowed down on cleaning the house, I can leave him a note in the dust. 
Slower, but happier,
Gigi (aka Knitty)

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