Saturday, March 14, 2015

Baby Quilt

Baby things and birthdays continue to keep me occupied this month. I made a quilt for the baby shower that was held on the first for my daughter-in-law. I had an idea in mind but was open to buying a quilt kit at a store that excels in nursery and toddler quilts. When I didn't find the fabric choices I had in mind and the kits, while very nice didn't appeal to me, I was stumped for a few days.

I went to a store much closer to home, not expecting to find anything because of a misconceived idea of what this store carried. It was good that I went, and better that I looked at printed panels because I found something that pleased me.

The panel is called God Gave Me to You by Leanne Anderson for Henry Glass & Co.
The left side of the panel is "Why God Made Little Girls", the right is about boys. Each of these themed squares is under 22 inches. After discussing what finished size and colors I wanted, the clerk at the store helped me select fabrics and calculate yardages.
The backing is the same as the binding, the red in the checkerboard strips. I did all the piecing and quilting by machine and was pleased with the result.
The baby is due at the end of April and will undoubtedly get another quilt when she is old enough to voice an opinion on the matter. Meanwhile, I've saved fabric scraps from this to make a doll quilt.

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