Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Table runners

Time is flying or I am procrastinating. I think it is time's fault though. 

While shopping for fabric for the baby quilt a few weeks ago, I fell for another Art to Heart publication. Actually, I fell for two of them Table Please, Part One and Table Please, Part Two.

I have always liked their projects, and the store where these were purchased had fabric bundled for Valentine's, St Patrick's and Easter projects from Part One. I bought the St Pat and Easter bundles, thankful to be spared the time spent choosing fabrics. I can make myself nuts over fabric choices. 

The St Patrick's Day runner was made shortly after the baby quilt (shown here) and placed on the table right away. 

After this was finished, we had a flurry of birthday activity spanning two weekends. Even though I've known the date for Easter this year is April 5th, it didn't hit me that this will arrive less than three weeks after St Pat's until I looked at the calendar. Uh-oh....better get going on the Easter runner!

Here it is minus a quilted medallion in the center that I added after this was photographed. 

Here is the medallion

I have a Viking Designer SE Sewing machine. I love doing the applique stitch on it. I get into a peaceful zone and could do this for hours....or until the bobbin thread runs out.

I don't mind raw edge applique on a table runner or wall hanging that isn't designed to be an heirloom and isn't going to have the wear and tear that clothing would experience. 
Here is a close up of the stitches. Watching the machine progress is like watching dance steps. Forward, over, back, step back, forward, forward, over, back....

Happy Stitchin'!

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