Monday, March 23, 2015

Wall quilt, no longer a UFO!

UFO = Unfinished Object or sometimes Utterly Forgotten Object.

Way back a year of undetermined date....I learned to quilt. This wall hanging or table square was the learning piece. I learned many thing in that class and intended to finish the quilt within days of the last class.

Ahh, yes...the road to hell and good intentions....let's not go there.

It was up to us to decide placement of the 5 blocks. I assembled them in a different arrangement and the more I looked at them, the less I liked them. I think the two blocks on the right were reversed but I don't remember. What I do recall is that the arrangement didn't look balanced. I think the three blocks with the deep pink (almost red) were in the middle and bottom.

Everyday life intruded and the quilt was set aside. Then pushed aside. Then bagged and stuck in a closet. On one closet cleaning frenzy, I took it out, picked out the stitches and rebagged the project. Eventually I reset the blocks but still didn't finish it even though I still really liked it.

I finally quilted it a few days ago, but by machine. There is a time and place for hand quilting, and a time and place to get a project done and in use.

Pink and white against a yellow wall isn't the best choice for a photo, especially on a gray day, but here it is.

For now, these colors work with Easter decor that is set out and about throughout my home. I think I will enjoy it as a table topper when I change out what hangs on this rod. This wall is less than 32 inches wide and is between my kitchen and living room. Various quilted panels hang here throughout the year and their widths vary greatly. Using a cafe rod and clips allows me accommodate any of the sizes, and sometimes multiple small, narrow ones.

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