Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Knitted baby dress, Clara

The last few weeks were spent working on baby gifts for my daughter-in-law's Sprinkle. I could be wrong about this, but I believe the term "sprinkle" began in the southern states and is working its way north. A sprinkle is a mini-shower for a baby that it not the firstborn, often given when a number of years have passed between births or in this case, when the expected baby is a different gender.

Other items were done and I had an itch to make one more thing, the Clara dress. I first knit this a few years ago, using a different yarn and deeper color, seen here.  This time I used Tahki Cotton Classic Lite, color 4443. The first photo shows the color most accurately.

It really is a sweet little dress. I don't believe the pattern is available as pattern only, it was part of a kit with yarn that I didn't care for as a child's dress.
I chose the Tahki yarn for the color, not the fiber content. Nothing wrong with using cotton, I'm just saying that light pink was the color I wanted and other yarns weren't offering this shade.
The back of the dress

The pattern might be available as a separate purchase. Google for the pattern name Clara and see what you find. Because my copy was intended for use with the yarn in the kit, it gave yarn requirements in grams, not yardage. I bought way too much Tahki cotton, but I think I can exchange the two unused skeins ( I used two and a half, maybe less for the smaller size) for whatever my next project will be.

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