Friday, March 27, 2015

Cadbury Egg holder for Easter

I really enjoy Connie Stewart's Stampin' Up blog and videos. Her blog is Simply Simple Stamping  This link takes her to her home page, not the specific project I am sharing here. Connie often reminds her readers and viewers to work with what they have on hand, and she isn't afraid to show her uh-ohs. I am about to show you mine.

Here is the Easter Egg Throne Box that Connie featured last year. I am already picturing more versions of this with frames around the oval opening or some bling added, depending on who the the recipient will be.
This project begins with a strip cut at 11" x 2", scored at 4.5" and 6.5"; and what will become the egg holder, cut at 3.5" x 3.5" and scored at .75" on all four sides.
Stampin' Up's 1.25" Scallop Circle Punch was used to make the hole for the Cadbury egg placement. I drew light pencil lines so that I could eyeball the center after placing the punch over this area.
One side of the box/egg holder will need to be folded under so that the punch can reach the center of the square. Yes, it will take a bite out of the side, but it won't matter.
A tip I learned from Connie's various tutorials is to trim down the flaps that will be glued when forming boxes. The cuts were made straight on the creases and cut on angles to make the tabs narrow on one end. If it helps, think of those shapes as cups, like Solo drink cups.
 Adhesive is added to the tabs, then they are turned in and glued behind the side panels.
This looks like an inverted box, a box lid, or in the case, a nesting spot for the Cadbury egg to sit.
We're getting to my Uh-Oh moment.  I added tape runner to the 11" strip along the scored lines. Make them on the larger areas, not inside the 2" x 2" center square. Place the side of the egg holder that has the bite out of it against one of panels on the 11" strip so that it doesn't show on the finished item.
With the sides folded up, the egg holder is securely in place. Oops! See those nice straight sides? They weren't cut on top with the Scallop Tag Topper Punch.
I gently pulled the sides away from the egg holder insert and cut the tops with the tag topper punch. 
Ahhh, that's better!  These tops could have been done with a simple hole punch and maybe a corner rounder but I had the tag topper punch out and ready to use. 
Oh sugar beets! Another Oops! It would have been easier to cut the oval viewing window before this was assembled. Oh well. This wasn't impossible to handle, just awkward to photograph while holding it all in place. This is the Extra Wide Oval Punch being used.
The 1.25" Scallop Circle Punch  is used again, this time on yellow to make the components of the chick. Two circles are cut out of yellow and then a corner of yellow paper is placed as shown to make the chick's feathers on the top of her head.

The same oval punch is used again to cut the egg that goes on the front of this project.
I added some dots with a pink Tombow marker on the pink egg, cut it in half and then cut a jagged edge into each straight edge of the newly hatched egg. I used an orange stamp (origin and color unknown) to tinge the edges of the chick's yellow pieces.
I didn't have a small square punch, so I randomly cut a small square of orange paper and scored it to form a beak.
After gluing the feathers behind the chick's head, I cut down into the shape and bent the strips back and forth to make them a bit more feathery. I used a tape runner to attach the beak and a marker for the eyes. After gluing the chick in place, I put the other yellow circle on the back to neaten things up

I used Stampin' Up's Teeny Tiny Wishes to stamp Happy Easter, then cut it out using Window Word and Modern Label Punches. I thought I was going to use the Note Tag Punch as shown, but it seemed too large.
After gluing the layered greeting onto the white tag, I cut the edges off and used a corner rounder to make the tag. A hole punch was used so that the tag could hang from twine.  The chick and egg shell were attached with pop dots.

Now if I can just leave that Cadbury egg alone, I can continue preparing for a Happy Easter. I happen to love Cadbury eggs but one of them is 4 Weight Watcher points. When your total point allotment for the day is 26, four points for one candy is a lot. I'm not saying one or two won't be eaten, but I hope NOT to eat them mindlessly!

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