Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Doll Quilts

When life gives you scraps, you are supposed to make quilts (or so an old saying goes), and if life gives you little scraps, you make doll quilts.

In both cases, the pieced strips were leftovers from recent baby quilts. We are expecting a granddaughter at the end of April. I had only planned to make one doll quilt, but the strips were calling to me so I used up both piles.

This one is from the quilt scraps of the baby quilt made for her baby shower. The back is plain muslin.

This doll quilt did require a few more squares to be sewn together, but they were already cut. I'm not sure if the over-cutting of squares was my mistake or an error in the directions. Either way, it worked out fine and I didn't have much waste.

The pillow itself is two pieces of 4" x 6" fabric with layers of batting folded over and stuffed inside.

In both cases, I had leftover pieces of batting that were almost the exact size of these doll quilts, as well as the backing fabric being almost perfect in size. They were definitely meant to be!

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