Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sprinkle / Tea Party

A few of my daughter-in-law's girlfriends hosted a Sprinkle for her this past weekend. In case you are unfamiliar with that term, a sprinkle is a mini-shower for a baby that it not the firstborn, often given when a number of years have passed between births or in this case, when the expected baby is a different gender.

Can you guess by all this girliness and pink that I am going to have a granddaughter?
My grandson is so much fun, I am not expecting his sister to be more wonderful in any way, but pinkness will be a nice change after raising two sons and have the big little guy around for 5 years already.

There were nine of us at the tea party, three at each card table. The printed sheets on the tables explained what was being served. The brown boxes held varieties of teas.

The top tier held desserts, the middle layer held scones. The sandwiches weren't set out on the lower tier until everyone was seated.

I don't feel right about posting photos without permission but I think this one is vague enough to not be objectionable and shows us enjoying a wonderful afternoon.

Despite saying I don't use photos without permission, I'm including these two of my sweet daughter-in-law. The tears are happy tears. She is holding shoes from her mom. The shoes will be worn at the baby's christening and the baby will wear mommy's gown. 

In this photo, she is holding up the dress that I finished 24 hours earlier.

Will I have tea parties with a granddaughter, dolls and stuffed animals in my future? Maybe, or maybe she will prefer trucks and dinosaurs, but someway or another, there is going to be a bit of pink in them!

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